Vondelpark – Dracula & Ango – True Blue

Couple of new vids to offer some working day distraction here.
We’ve posted on Vondelpark’s thoughtful ‘Dracula’ before, and they’ve now complemented the tune with a melancholic, filtered mélange of clips of London life:
And one of our favourite, which is saying something these days, Montreal-based producers Ango has put out a remarkably self-centred video for the his latest RnB offering, ‘True Blue’. He struts around, pining after a red-head minstrel (not the chocolate) in the manner of some his more mainstream influences.
‘Serpentine’, the EP the above tune’s taken from is available to download for free here. You also want to be getting your hands on the latest compilation from Jacques Greene’s Vase label, featuring Ango and others, also available a gratis here.
With some home-made CD case art, I can feel a cheap Christmas present coming on…
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One thought on “Vondelpark – Dracula & Ango – True Blue

  1. […] also featured on the label compilation ‘VSE07’ (alongside Ango, as mentioned on these pages last year), given away for NO MONEY here. It’s considerably more downtempo but no […]

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