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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, Best of 2012

After putting our collective neck on the line with our Top 10 of 2012, we have expanded this to create a playlist of our Top 40 tracks of 2012. The Top 10 form the basis of this, with another 30 instant classics added to make a playlist of which we are extremely proud. Here it is, on YouTube:

Due to popular demand, we have also created a Spotify playlist. However, Spotify have an infuriatingly small amount of music (which is a big drawback, for a music service). So please bear in mind that this is a kind of substitute playlist – a Tottenham to the YouTube playlist’s Arsenal, a Paul to the YouTube playlist’s John, etc. It’s still packed full of bangers, mind, including 6 of our top 10: so well worth a listen, if Spotify is your thing.



Human Drizzle’s Top 10 Tracks of 2012

‘Tis the season to make lists and, whilst our sensible side would call into question the validity of comparing tracks in this way (what are the criteria?), our other side thought it would be fun. So here are our top ten tracks of 2012, in order. If you disagree, please let us know in the comments, on Twitter or Facebook. We won’t take it personally, promise.

1. Julio Bashmore – Au Seve2012 was Julio Bashmore’s year, and the ‘bam bam bam, bam bam bam’ of ‘Au Seve’ sent dancefloors loopy across the globe this summer. It somehow managed to retain the the bass-led, atmospheric subtlety of Bashmore’s other work, whilst simultaneously becoming nothing less than a singalong anthem.

2. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse‘Inspector Norse’ has been equally ubiquitous this year, and with good reason – with Terje’s cosmic squeaking and killer hook bouncing their way into the collective consciousness with joyous abandon.

3. Jai Paul – JasmineWhen Jai Paul released his second ever record in April, a lot of people got very excited. Was this finally going to be his year? Sadly not, as we still await a third – but in the meantime ‘Jasmine’ remains one of the most compelling tracks of recent times.

4Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn remix)Cyril Hahn is one of our favourite artists of 2012, having produced a series of excellent remixes for SolangeHAIM and Alpines as well as this aching, melancholy interpretation of Beyoncé and co’s R’n’B staple.

5Dan Croll – From Nowhere (Ben Gomori’s Staring You In The Eye remix): The title of this track is appropriate, in the sense that neither artist had crossed our radar before we heard this. More’s the pity, because it’s a triumph: combining layered production with fantastic melodies and a vocal that doesn’t leave you.

6. Casino Times – I Wanna KnowSlothBoogie first brought this to our attention, and it’s been in our heads ever since: a rolling house track with genuine groove, it’s addictive. This duo are going places (and TEED’s a fan too).

7. Duke Dumont – The Giver: Another contender for personality of the year, DD has mastered some incredibly infectious beats this year. This house anthem is a party starter, boasting one of the most recognised vocals of the year. Listen out for this early 2013 release too, it’s going to be EVEN BIGGER.

8. Jessie Ware – 110%: What a year it’s been for Jessie Ware. She heralded the spring with this gem of a tune: on an album with many highlights, ‘110%’ stands out as three and a half minutes of pop perfection.

9. PillowTalk – The Real Thing: There’s been some great samples this year and this track sees the San Fran trio from the Wolf + Lamb family do the nip and tuck on Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s classic ‘Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing’. If this song don’t make you smile big, you’re dead inside. It’s glorious.

10. Ultraista – Gold Dayzz (Maribou State remix): Maribou State’s rework of Ultraista is a thing of great beauty: a fragile start gives way to warm synths and gorgeous melodies in one of the most pleasant tracks of the year.

And they can all be heard on our Best of 2012 playlist. It’s a real treat.


Matt Corby – Brother (Lancelot Remix)

Yesterday we mentioned how an excellent DJ set last weekend opened our ears to what is now one of our favourite tracks of the year. The same set yielded another, in the form of this absolute beauty of a remix from Lancelot. Matt Corby is an Australian singer songwriter and ‘Brother’, while very nice, is not exactly the kind of thing we would post on these pages. Which makes this rework by Corby’s compatriot Lancelot all the more remarkable. It’s a majestic piece of slow-burning house music and we suggest you take seven minutes out from the family rows, turkey leftovers and Christmas specials, and give it a spin.

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Major Lazer – Get Free (Adriatique’s Lazers Never Die Rework)

It is the time of year for pointless list-making. Every blog going spends this time mulling over the aural delights of the past twelve months and deciding on their highlights. As we have begun this process at HD, in preparation for our Best of 2012 playlist (coming this week), a few surprise contenders have emerged.

First up is this gem of a remix from Swiss duo, Adriatique. We were huge fans of the Major Lazer’s ‘Get Free’ in its original form, and never felt that any of the remixes did it justice. This remedies that, and then some. We have to thank Alex from Flux Music for sticking it in our heads this weekend. It hasn’t left since.

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Rudi Zygadlo – Banana Tree & Dauwd – Fader mix

This week we got a welcome heads up from our pals at Pictures Music about new music from two exciting artists. Firstly, the genre-defying Rudi Zygadlo, whose previous work includes ‘Russian Dolls’ and ‘Melpomeme’. ‘Banana Tree’ is more like the former with it squelchy synths, slow tempo, big drums and driving vocals from rising London talent, YADi.

Meanwhile another member of the Pictures Music family, Dauwd, has released a mix for Fader. He’s an interesting chap, Dauwd, and he talks in the accompanying interview about his origins (Wales, via America and Iraq), home (Peckham), upcoming release (stressful) and reputation as a chef (unwarranted). The mix itself is a diverse affair, ranging from contemplative soundscapes to soulful house. It deliberately has no tracklist, because Dauwd doesn’t want you to have pre-conceptions before listening. You’re a judgemental lot, it’s for your own good, and that’s the end of it. Download available below too. Merry Christmas, one and all.

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London Grammar – Hey Now

London Grammar should really have been our blog name, given our predilection for both aspects, but we wouldn’t have wanted to deprive this trio of their creative moniker. Plus, they’ve been going for loads longer so we imagine they bagsied it first.
We digress. Not much is known about the elusive threesome but they have an EP in the works and have recently chucked their first single out to the web wolves. It’s called ‘Hey Now’ and it’s an atmospheric, lo-fi piece of electronica given fresh legs by a beautiful female vocal. Pitchfork rightly draw comparisons with a recent Wild Beasts reworking of Jessie Ware’s ‘Night Light’; both are seasonal treats:
Mysteriously all other traces of them online, live sessions and the like, appear to have been taken down, so this is your lot for now. Definitely enough to whet the appetite…
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The C90s – We’ve Got Love

The C90s are back in style with their first release since 2010. There’s not a lot wrong with ‘We Got Love’, a catchy little number which makes the prospect of new material in the new year an exciting one.

Download it for free here.

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The xx @ Brixton Academy 16/11

HD had the pleasure of being at Brixton Academy on Sunday for a triumphant homecoming gig by The xx. Honed but not dulled by a busy tour schedule, they put on a masterclass in atmosphere, drawing out the sultry first album classics and turning up the volume for the more beat-driven second album tunes. Jamie xx pulled the strings expertly, never more so than when he weaved ‘Movin’ Too Fast’, ‘Another Groove’ and The Streets’ classic ‘Blinded by the Lights’ into a beefed-up, nostalgic version of ‘Chained’. No doubt it was influenced by the recent John Talabot remix which leans heaving on The Streets’ sample. Oh, and did we mention that John Talabot was the SUPPORT ACT…
Oliver, Jamie and Romy have also got into the festive spirit with a surprisingly upbeat take on ‘Last Christmas’, done for the Live Lounge:
They’ve still got it. Oh yes.
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Lane 8 – Without You

Having waxed lyrical a fortnight ago over Lane 8’s piano-driven For You, we were delighted to hear he’s got a new track up for grabs. It’s called ‘Without You’ (there’s a theme here…), it’s yours for free and is proper feel-good.

The boy loves a sample. Last time it was the Isley brothers, now it’s Gladys Knight. Enjoy.

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Duke Dumont – Need U (100%)

Duke Dumont is rounding off what has been a fine, fine year by unleashing this beast of a track. ‘Need U (100%)’, which features the vocals of 18-year old new kid on the block A*M*E, is not released until March 2013 but will no doubt be on constant repeat in a club near you before then. This is hefty to say the least and will most certainly be one of the tunes of early twenty thirteen.

Remind yourselves of how he has become the master of infectious beats this year.

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