Boiler Room, feat. Disclosure, Skream, TEED, Friendly Fires, Machinedrum

Last night saw the launch of Do Not Disturb, a series of events being run by Boiler Room and W Hotels. The launch event was streamed live on Boiler Room TV from W Hotels’ EWOW suite in Leicester Square, and it was a lot of fun. We caught up with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Friendly Fires and had a pillow fight with Skream and Disclosure, but we’ll have more on these in due course.

For the moment, the most pressing matter of the day is this:

Disclosure dropped a new edit of ‘Running’ during their set, and it’s really good. Such is the power of the interweb, the kind people at Aliasizm had ripped and uploaded the track BEFORE DISCLOSURE HAD EVEN FINISHED THEIR SET. Despite Disclosure’s best efforts to talk over the track to prevent what they describe as a “YouTube ting”, here it is. Enjoy.

UPDATE: On a similar note, here is the ripped video of Skream back to back with Disclosure. It’s a real hoot.

UPDATE #2: And here is the full video of Disclosure and Skream’s set (with the live chat removed, sadly):

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2 thoughts on “Boiler Room, feat. Disclosure, Skream, TEED, Friendly Fires, Machinedrum

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