SlothBoogie’s Bumpin’ Mix (feat. Casino Times & Crazy P)

This week, the mighty SlothBoogie released a Bumpin’ Mix – even being so kind as to give away the first 100 downloads. As big fans of his work, we were pleased about this – and we were even more pleased when said mix opened up with two absolute corkers. The second of these is the joyful ‘Heartbreaker’ by Crazy P, whom we have loved for some time now and whom we are excited about seeing live at XOYO on Friday 7th December. Hey, you should come too.

And the first tune of the mix, which is really special, is by Oxford duo Casino Times, who have an EP out on Needwant. Entitled ‘I Wanna Know’, it’s a slow-burning epic with an urgency that slowly grows and dissipates in a way that suggests these chaps really (no, really) know what they’re doing.

These two tracks call to mind two previous favourites of ours, by David August and Robert Babicz. We’ve posted these below too so you can wildly disagree, hunt us down and abuse us physically and verbally for the spurious comparison. Alternatively, use Twitter or Facebook. They’ve made things like this a lot easier.

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3 thoughts on “SlothBoogie’s Bumpin’ Mix (feat. Casino Times & Crazy P)

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  2. […] 6. Casino Times – I Wanna Know: SlothBoogie first brought this to our attention, and it’s been in our heads ever since: a rolling house track with genuine groove, it’s addictive. This duo are going places (and TEED’s a fan too). […]

  3. […] man SlothBoogie has been mixing, promoting and writing about music for some time, so it’s only natural that he has now […]

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