Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave To The Grave Remix)

If you’ve still not caught your breath after ‘Horizon’, the nigh-seminal thumper that’s been saturating dancefloors of late from London-based Ejeca, feast your ears on his new piece of work. Remixing Australian indie outfit Panama’s ‘It’s Not Over’, this track is not as adrenalin-fuelled but by no means is it less impressive.

Armed with hi-hats, a galloping piano riff and (slightly) dark vocals on repeat, Ejeca’s shown once again why his garage-infused melodies are creating such hype.

Future Classic are giving this one away for free, here.

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2 thoughts on “Panama – It’s Not Over (Ejeca’s Rave To The Grave Remix)

  1. […] original’s a fun-filled pop song in its own right. Then, as featured on these pages a few weeks back, Ejeca went and made an ice cool garage rework of it that’s infectious to say […]

  2. […] for some of the fruitiest beats of 2012, including the ubiquitous ‘Horizon’, this gorgeous Panama remix and ’You’, his moody collaboration with fellow Northern Irishmen […]

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