Human Drizzle Presents

Over at HD HQ we’re itching with excitement for our inaugural night tomorrow at Sugarhouse Studios, it’s looking to be a corker.

There’s a whole host of people playing for your aural entertainment so a little scan across the acts’ work wouldn’t go a miss.

It goes without saying dusting off the dancing shoes for Cosmonauts’ set is a must. Commandeers of nu-disco, their recent September mix is, as per usual, an absolute blast. What’s more, they’ve been known to master a remix or two in their time. Feast your ears on their super-fun take on NSFW’s ‘Coconut’. And lastly let’s not forget their recent single, ‘Love Me Tonight’, which is available to download, for free, right now.

Stepping up before the London-based duo will be SlothBoogie. If you’re not familiar with his blog, go check it out for a taster of his musical insights. Here’s a mix he did at The Nest for Spacestation from back in August. Supposedly it’s a ‘selection of big booty shakin’ bassy beats’, which hits the nail on the head, it’s bangin.

We’ve also invited 3-piece Dems down to step on to the decks. Making waves with their experimental emo-pop, we believe their eclectic taste will get you in the mood. We’ve featured their brilliant singles ‘Inner O’ and ‘House’ before, but attention must be drawn to older tunes such as the equally stirring ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Lioness’. Stumbled across a note-worthy remix from Evil Nine too. Check ‘em out.

Lastly on the bill is Filthy French. Judging by their promo mix for the night itself and their September ‘Late Night Cruising’ podcast, they’ll have no trouble getting the party started. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Human Drizzle Presents

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