Main Attrakionz – Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci

When we waxed lyrical about the soulful strains of Main Attrakionz last year, little did we know (1) it’d take them until now to get a full debut album and (2) they’d still be leading the charge of a new breed of rappers, crewing with ASAP RockyDanny Brown and the like to push hip hop forward.

Their upcoming release, ‘Bossalinis & Fooliyones’ (released October 22nd by Young One Records) put us right on both counts. All signs are that it’ll be a step ahead of their numerous mixtapes, employing the skills of “hot” producers like Harry Fraud and Supreme Cuts to good effect. The lead tune from the album, ‘Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci’, now has a jazzy video to enjoy and get excited with:

Like all good cloud rap, this is high quality, substantive mood music. Bravo, MondreM.A.N and Squadda B, bravo.

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One thought on “Main Attrakionz – Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci

  1. […] big fans of the rather hunky Ryan Hemsworth for a while, from his early Main Attrakionz production work through to his genuinely excellent recent EP, ‘Last Words’. Our fellow […]

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