S O H N – The Wheel

If you’ve not heard of him already, allow us to introduce you to S O H N. The blogosphere is currently going bananas over this multi-instrumentalist’s unique and powerful electronica. Feast your ears on his debut single ‘The Wheel’ and you’ll see why. He creates a dense bed of atmospherics and peppers it with his intriguing vocals. At times haunting, at times angelic, he blends together a whole host of sounds and we can’t wait to hear more. ‘The Wheel’ is out now on the similarly fresh label Aesop.

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3 thoughts on “S O H N – The Wheel

  1. […] SOHN blew us away last year with his debut single ‘The Wheel’ [insert joke about reinventing said wheel here], and he’s continued to hone his sound with some top, top remixes. […]

  2. […] that we’ve been listening to ‘The Wheel’, SOHN’s breakout hit from last year, preeeeetty much non-stop since it crossed our paths, […]

  3. […] new label Aesop, who’s first release was the FANTASTIC ‘The Wheel’ by SOHN, have produced a stunning number two (stop it) with this release from London boy Gent […]

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