Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls

Next week sees the release of Electronic Musician Rudi Zygadlo’s second album, ‘Tragicomedies’, and it’s a real mixed bag. In a good way.

Planet Mu, doing the honourable thing and releasing the LP, rightly say that Rudi defies easy categorisation and pigeonholing. ‘Tragicomedies’ swerves away from the alt-dubstep of 2010’s ‘Great Western Laymen’, delivering a magpie of a pop album, nicking bits from folk, classical and beyond. Jack of all trades, master of none you say? Check out the latest pre-release, ‘Russian Dolls’:

Enjoyable. Now compare that with the first release from the album, Melpomene (and relish the beautifully shot vid from Nick Rutter):

We reckon he’s mixing and blending pretty well. See him do all this, with a live band, at a Planet Mu showcase at Corsica Studios on 29th September. Who knows what you’ll hear.

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One thought on “Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls

  1. […] from two exciting artists. Firstly, the genre-defying Rudi Zygadlo, whose previous work includes ‘Russian Dolls’ and ‘Melpomeme’. ‘Banana Tree’ is more like the former with it squelchy synths, slow tempo, big drums […]

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