Giraffage, xxyyxx & Rounds

For those of you in the UK fortunate enough to see Giraffage + xxyyxx on their recent tour, we hope you’ll agree with us when we say that of all the post-everything beat makers, they’re not only the most soulful and exciting, but they’re also the most underrated. On Tuesday night they played a mind-blowing set in London’s venue of the moment Birthdays. The musical range on show was staggering. For the most part, the crowd was giving it some, bouncing along to their maximalist beats. Have a listen to their collaborative tune ‘Even Though’ and xxyyxx’s ‘Eclipse’ and tell us your head don’t nod or fingers click.

Yet they can also wind it down with intensely thought-provoking slow-jams too, testament the other night to the sea of lighters mobiles in the air. Feast your eyes on the super slick video to ‘About U’ by xxyyxx and listen to Giraffage’s highly emotive ‘Feels’ below.

A tip of the cap must go to Bird On The Wire for sourcing the talent though. Supporting both of the aforementioned acts who’ve crossed the pond to get here were London-based Rounds, who we sneakily managed to catch stocking up on a well-deserved takeaway after their set. (Possible artwork lads?)

Hailing from London, Rounds create lush soundscapes supported by heavy synths and pulsating drumbeats. They employ a DIY approach to performing, covering all bases by sampling, mixing and playing instruments themselves. Very refreshing at a gig where Macs are the mains supply. Check out our pick of their bunch below (so to speak).

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4 thoughts on “Giraffage, xxyyxx & Rounds

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