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Homework – Ask Yourself (Audiojack’s Chemical Rewind)

We didn’t think Homework’s classic summer hit ‘Ask Yourself’ could get much better. The jury’s not out yet but Audiojack’s recent offering certainly is noteworthy. The original tune from the Dutch duo is an insanely catchy, deep house track that begs you to the dancefloor. The video’s quite neat too.

Audiojack have stretched it out a bit and added in some top notch piano chords. The timing on this one’s spectacular. Highly praised on the promo from acts like T.E.E.D and Huxley, even German greats Adana Twins claim “it’s da absolute shiaaaaat! People love it and we love it!” Couldn’t agree more. It was released on Exploited this week.

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St Lucia – September (plus Alex Metric Remix)

St Lucia’s electronic pop has been on our radar for some time now. Jean-Philip Grobler, the man behind St Lucia, released an EP in the spring which was full of lovely, 80s-influenced melodies. He then went very quiet until last week, when he released the majestic ‘September’.

Grobler is from South Africa originally, and ‘September’ reminds us of another band from the Southern Hemisphere. Cut Copy made one of the albums of the year last year, so the comparison is entirely complimentary – and ‘September’ is a gorgeous, sprawling pop song. Now it’s been given the Alex Metric treatment: generally a good thing and it’s no different here, with Metric adding some real oomph.


Edging closer towards Friday, here’s a look at our favourite two mixes of the moment that should entice you into the weekend.

First up is Australian producer Black Magic Disco’s September 2012 Mix. The first he’s done yet, this is jam-packed with top tunes from the likes of Anna Lunoe, Vanilla Ace and HD fave Jonas Rathsman. He beautifully blends nu disco and house right up to the carnival-themed closer in A.N.D.Y’s remix of The Supermen Lovers’ ‘Say No More’. This is sure to get you moving your feet. Free to download, grab it now!

Another mix comes from Paulie, one half of Cosmonauts. Paulie’s Hot Mix No. 2 here is testament to why we’re so chuffed to have the London-based D.I.S.C.O afficianados as the headline act at the Human Drizzle Presents party we’ve been gearing towards … (if you’re in London on 13th October – 6 quid, 4 acts, lots of dancing and all the proceeds go to charity, what more could you want?) His new mix here is free to download too, check it out and bring the weekend that little bit closer.

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Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Cyril Hahn knows what he’s doing. And that’s making some fine music, and giving it away. His remix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’, and to call it a remix is doing it a disservice – it’s a beauty in its own right, has been doing the rounds recently and it deserves to reach as many ears as possible. Millions, possibly billions of ears:

He claims he’d been listening to, “a lot of new house music such as Fort RomeauDisclosure, Octo Octa, Kidnap Kid etc” when putting it together (great choices, if we say so ourselves…) and it comes through in the tune. Some serious “sensual codeine vibes”* underpinned by a bouncy, catchy drum beat.

If you’d like something a little longer, his ‘End of Summer mixtape’ is tip-top too, featuring HD faves such as Ryan HemsworthGiraffage and Jacques Green:

Keep doin’ what you’re doin’ Cyril.

*Thanks to Et Musique Pour Tous for the quotes. And for generally being great.

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Ellie Goulding – Anything Could Happen (Alex Metric Remix)

Alex Metric is forging an impressive sound with his remixing skills; a few drawn out build-ups and a lashing of sizeable drops and you’re laughing. This time he’s tweaked Ellie Goulding’s ‘Anything Could Happen’ into a stormer. Her angelic vocals complement his recipe perfectly. Enjoy.

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Garage $ale – Bump n Grind (Waze & Odyssey Mix)

It has always seemed to us that R Kelly’s ‘Bump n Grind’ is a somewhat controversial tune. Kelly’s description of the conflicting urges of his mind and body are slightly unnerving when you consider some of the allegations made against him.

Leaving that thorny and potentially libelous area aside, however, we invite you to enjoy another great piece of 90s-inspired garagey house from Waze & Odyssey (aka Garage $ale).  Regular readers will no doubt have enjoyed their last appearance on these pages, and this is another gem.

Vaadat Charigim – ועדת חריגים – העולם אבד מזמן (Haolam Avad Mizman)

And now for something completely different. We’re going to hold our hands up here, offer no defence to accusations of philistinism, and admit that we have got very behind with the Hebrew shoegaze scene. We know next to nothing about it.

However, when Tel Avivian trio Vaadat Charigim got in touch with ‘ועדת חריגים – העולם אבד מזמן’ (that’s ‘Haolam Avad Mizman’ to you and me), we were pleasantly surprised. It’s a really nice bit of whimsical, summery indie. It reminds us of Teenage Fanclub and even has a fun (albeit very silly) video.

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PBR Streetgang – You Ready?

PBR Streetgang (a prize for the first person to comment with the film they get their name from) are Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, residents at ‘We Love… Space, Ibiza! And they are purveyors of Nu Disco. Everyone, meet Bonar and Tom.

This week saw the limited release (300 white vinyl copies on Hypercolour) of their stomper ‘You Ready?’, a four-to-the-floor dancefloor staple, with a hint of Missy Elliot’s ‘Lick Shots’ thrown in to spice things up:

They also put their heads together for the recent house podcast from Space:

Fun, we think you’ll agree. If you’re in London and you haven’t meticulously planned your weekend yet, catch these chaps at the aptly named House of Disco Day & Night Party at Corsica Studios tomorrow (22nd September)…

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Beacon – Feeling’s Gone (Fort Romeau’s Shibuya Edit)

London-based Fort Romeau has sure got the Midas touch. He tweaked Charo’s ‘Floating Free’ into a summer-classic and his controlled re-work of Frankie Rose’s ‘The Fall’ is still on repeat for us at HD HQ. Here he’s remixed new track ‘Feeling’s Gone’ by Brooklyn’s Beacon to great effect. He successfully retains the original’s sombre charm but stretches it out into quite the progressive and enchanting listen. Oh, and it’s yours for free at the click of a button.

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Rudi Zygadlo – Russian Dolls

Next week sees the release of Electronic Musician Rudi Zygadlo’s second album, ‘Tragicomedies’, and it’s a real mixed bag. In a good way.

Planet Mu, doing the honourable thing and releasing the LP, rightly say that Rudi defies easy categorisation and pigeonholing. ‘Tragicomedies’ swerves away from the alt-dubstep of 2010’s ‘Great Western Laymen’, delivering a magpie of a pop album, nicking bits from folk, classical and beyond. Jack of all trades, master of none you say? Check out the latest pre-release, ‘Russian Dolls’:

Enjoyable. Now compare that with the first release from the album, Melpomene (and relish the beautifully shot vid from Nick Rutter):

We reckon he’s mixing and blending pretty well. See him do all this, with a live band, at a Planet Mu showcase at Corsica Studios on 29th September. Who knows what you’ll hear.

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