Human Drizzle: The First Birthday Playlist

Human Drizzle is one year old! Well, it was yesterday: but we delayed so as not to clash with Carnival (silly to have such big events on the same day).

To celebrate we have put together, via a tortuous (and at times bad-tempered) process of elimination, the Top 40 tunes we’ve posted/tweeted/banged on about over the past year. We think it’s a stormer of a playlist, hopefully capturing the mélange of music we try to offer at HD. As ever, let us know (nicely) if you spot a glaring omission or misplaced inclusion.

Thanks for your support over the past 12 months. It’s been a blast, and we’re just getting started (watch this space for more news on the first Human Drizzle night on October 13th) We really do appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback – so please keep it coming.

Time to stop before we get emotional. As ever, turn it up and come for a saunter down memory lane with us…


One thought on “Human Drizzle: The First Birthday Playlist

  1. […] been an awful lot going on at HD over the past few weeks. We enjoyed celebrating our first birthday last week; we’re hugely excited about Human Drizzle Presents… on October 13th, and […]

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