Chris Malinchak

If, like us, you’ve spent more time this summer weather-whinging than actually soaking up any sun, allow us to introduce Chris Malinchak. He’s drenched in the stuff.

Chris Malinchak has been a very busy man this year, forging quite the name for himself in and around the laidback, sun-drenched, poolside genre (it’s a new one: you should check it out). A listen to ‘Hollywood’, his first EP of the year back in January, shows the standard he set himself for 2012. All three tunes ooze with style but Tango In Paris is the stand out for us. Since then, he’s released a string of singles and his ‘Ironbound’ EP – and his music has littered many of the various summer mixtapes swirling around Soundcloud. Understandably so, two of our favourites, ‘These Dreams’ and more recently ‘If U Got It’, are instant classics:

If that’s not enough, the New York-based producer has been working on a side-project called ‘The Establishment’. First tune ‘Love Like This’ is being given away for free via French Express, which we highly recommend you go get right now. Piano waltz, summer groove and orange Calypos spring to mind. We seriously hope Chris continues to spend as much time in the studio as he has done to date.

Change into your swimming gear, turn up the central heating, crank up the volume and let Chris bring the summer to you…

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