How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well; less practical guide, more haunting RnB low-fi.

With a new album, ’Total Loss’, out in mid-September, Tom Krell (HTDW’s real-world name), road tested a few new tracks at an intimate (hot) gig at Dalston’s ‘perpetually-crammed new venue Birthdays‘ last week. HD put on our bestest outfit and went along, finding an artist fine-tuning his sound and reaching new creative heights. Krell’s faultless falsetto has carried plenty of his back catalogue but, on first hearing, the addition of some serious wall-of-sound backing will give his new album a more rounded feel.

Early leaks of this new material, ‘Cold Nites’ & ‘Ocean Floor For Everything‘, are more of a nod to the late-night electronica that first drew us in, wrapped as they were on the night in old favourites such as ‘Ready For The World’. Pop these on, maybe think about your favourite Olympic moments and have a good old cry. In a good way.

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One thought on “How to Dress Well

  1. […] was a good chance we were going to enjoy this, given our affection for Pional and How to Dress Well. Guess what? We did! The Spanish producer has lobbed out a superb rework of ‘& It Was U’ […]

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