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Human Drizzle Presents

Drum roll please…

We are very excited to announce ‘Human Drizzle Presents…’

As you’ll see from the flyer, we have the privilege of welcoming Cosmonauts, DemsSlothboogie and Filthy French to our inaugural night at The Sugarhouse Studios, and we’re pleased as punch about it. October 13th is not far off so grab your tickets now!


If you’re not familiar with some of the acts playing, here’s a handy pocket-guide…

Cosmonauts have moulded themselves quite the reputation for their peerless nu-disco vibes. Their legendary monthly ‘Top Ten’ mixes give a nice insight into what you can expect from them. They’ve previously applied their golden touch to tracks by artists such as NSFW, New Order and Tronik Youth – and have been on stonking line-ups with the likes of Mylo and Aeroplane. Here is one of our favourite mixes from back in March:

What’s more, just this week they released their brilliant new single, ‘Love Me Tonight’. And it’s free!

We have also asked new kids on the block Dems to step behind the decks for the night. They’re a trio from London who write experimental, melodic pop music. We’ve championed both tracks below and we’re confident their record collection will get you shuffling your feet.

Slothboogie’s been making a big name for himself off the back of his ‘balls out boogie’ blog and DJing skills, amongst other entertaining musical enterprises such as the popular ‘Forgive Me Lord For I Have Synth’ night. Having appeared on bills with Tiger & Woods and Todd Terje recently, we’re psyched to have him play. Check out his funky ‘Summer’s Up In My Grill’ mix:

Lastly (at least for the moment) we welcome Filthy French, the Parisian-born, London-based duo who ‘have beats pumping through their veins’. Get ready.

Boy are we up for this. Human Drizzle, in real life, offline. Come join.

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Human Drizzle: The First Birthday Playlist

Human Drizzle is one year old! Well, it was yesterday: but we delayed so as not to clash with Carnival (silly to have such big events on the same day).

To celebrate we have put together, via a tortuous (and at times bad-tempered) process of elimination, the Top 40 tunes we’ve posted/tweeted/banged on about over the past year. We think it’s a stormer of a playlist, hopefully capturing the mélange of music we try to offer at HD. As ever, let us know (nicely) if you spot a glaring omission or misplaced inclusion.

Thanks for your support over the past 12 months. It’s been a blast, and we’re just getting started (watch this space for more news on the first Human Drizzle night on October 13th) We really do appreciate your comments, thoughts and feedback – so please keep it coming.

Time to stop before we get emotional. As ever, turn it up and come for a saunter down memory lane with us…


Notting Hill Carnival 2012

It’s August Bank Holiday, and that means only one thing for most Londoners (and it’s not Creamfields, or Reading Festival). The behemoth that is Notting Hill Carnival rolls into west London on Sunday and, to celebrate this fact, we have decided to share some Carnival-themed tunes with you.

Firstly this from Italian duo NiCe7. ‘Back To 90’ is a slightly baffling tune, in that most of their other output (including the rest of their recent ‘Back to Basics’ EP) is pretty serious tech-house. This track, by contrast, is a lovely bit of 90s garage-y house – complete with wailing female vocals, Robin S chord progressions, and comedy crash cymbals. It’s genius.

Carnival also seems like a good excuse to post some dancehall, so here is a not-that-new-and-really-quite-random-but-frankly-amazing mix from Austrian (yes, Austrian) outfit, G Spot Sound. It’s awesome.

And finally, for those lucky enough to have tickets to Red Bull’s Carnival party on Monday (free food! free booze!), here is Major Lazer’s new video for ‘Get Free’. The original video was good but this one is great.

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Chris Malinchak

If, like us, you’ve spent more time this summer weather-whinging than actually soaking up any sun, allow us to introduce Chris Malinchak. He’s drenched in the stuff.

Chris Malinchak has been a very busy man this year, forging quite the name for himself in and around the laidback, sun-drenched, poolside genre (it’s a new one: you should check it out). A listen to ‘Hollywood’, his first EP of the year back in January, shows the standard he set himself for 2012. All three tunes ooze with style but Tango In Paris is the stand out for us. Since then, he’s released a string of singles and his ‘Ironbound’ EP – and his music has littered many of the various summer mixtapes swirling around Soundcloud. Understandably so, two of our favourites, ‘These Dreams’ and more recently ‘If U Got It’, are instant classics:

If that’s not enough, the New York-based producer has been working on a side-project called ‘The Establishment’. First tune ‘Love Like This’ is being given away for free via French Express, which we highly recommend you go get right now. Piano waltz, summer groove and orange Calypos spring to mind. We seriously hope Chris continues to spend as much time in the studio as he has done to date.

Change into your swimming gear, turn up the central heating, crank up the volume and let Chris bring the summer to you…

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Bobby Champs – Drag Queen EP

Pictures Music continues to set the standard for releasing electronic music that’s not only high quality but also stands out from the crowd. Having already championed artists like Lapalux and Koreless, this week sees the release of Brighton-based Bobby Champs’s second EP, ‘Drag Queen’.

All four tracks follow a fairly hefty – yet precise – stride, and they form a ready-made soundtrack to the kind of large-scale, ‘TBA Warehouse Location’ parties to which Londoners have become accustomed in recent years. In no way is that a bad thing: check out the swagger on ‘Charlie’, a track that’s available for free download on his Soundcloud.

If that doesn’t grab your attention, the title track’s accompanying video certainly will. Bryan Stewart has created a perfectly unique and unbelievably cool vid.

DISCLAIMER: If insects make your skin crawl, look away now…

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Green Man Festival 2012

Thanks to a cursory internet search and the fact that it hasn’t finished yet, we’re going to call this the very first review of Green Man Festival 2012! World Exclusive! Despite a slightly attenuated trip to the Brecon Beacons, Human Drizzle had a storming weekend (in all senses. It rained, a lot) at what is undoubtedly a family festival with a darker edge for the young ‘uns later on.

Highlights included Junior Boys, who got the crowd moving on Friday with a hit-filled set. In The Morning never fails to lift the spirits.

Headlining the Saturday night were the upwardly-mobile Metronomy who looked (matching chino/white shirt combos) and sounded sharp as. A festival-wide singalong to The Look confirmed their popularity. It wasn’t the time or the place for the melancholy of their recent contribution to the LateNightTales series. Is now?

Unfortunately the R&S Records showcase on the Saturday night was a bit of damp squib. HD faves Vondelpark played a beautifully bashful opening set but then trouble set in. Lone misjudged the mood (we wish he’d played like this) and ‘big name’ James Blake had sound issues, fast losing enthusiasm for being there. His only concession to it being a dance-music stage was finishing with his excellent CMYK, only to have it faded out by the subsequent DJs before we got our groove on. This is how it should have sounded:

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Maddslinky – Compuphonic

If you’ve just about had enough of Bashmore’s summer smash hit ‘Au Seve (and that’s not to say it isn’t a work of genius – it really is), it’s now time for the second release from the same label, his very own Broadwalk Records. This time it’s served up by a ‘man ripened to the point of absolute dancefloor mastery’. He’s known as Maddslinky to some, Zed Bias to others, and Dave Jones to his friends and family. Suppose it’s understandable.

‘Compuphonic’ is quite simply a stomping piece of tech-house that is, as ‘Au Seve’ was, destined for many repeated plays and big-room antics. It sees Boardwalk Records moulding quite the signature sound, and we like it.

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Bondax – Baby I Got That

Lancashire duo Bondax have been making waves recently, thanks in part to heavy support from Annie Mac. Their sound has the same blend of electronic sensibilities and laid back hip hop beats that Star Slinger has perfected to such success in recent years (and it’s no surprise that the hirsute Mancunian remixed their last single, ‘You’re So‘). It’s a sound that evokes works of genius from Metske (recently) and Chromeo (not so recently) and it’s right up our street. Impressive work from ones so young. We’d like to buy them a drink, but only one of them would be legally allowed to drink it.

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How to Dress Well

How to Dress Well; less practical guide, more haunting RnB low-fi.

With a new album, ’Total Loss’, out in mid-September, Tom Krell (HTDW’s real-world name), road tested a few new tracks at an intimate (hot) gig at Dalston’s ‘perpetually-crammed new venue Birthdays‘ last week. HD put on our bestest outfit and went along, finding an artist fine-tuning his sound and reaching new creative heights. Krell’s faultless falsetto has carried plenty of his back catalogue but, on first hearing, the addition of some serious wall-of-sound backing will give his new album a more rounded feel.

Early leaks of this new material, ‘Cold Nites’ & ‘Ocean Floor For Everything‘, are more of a nod to the late-night electronica that first drew us in, wrapped as they were on the night in old favourites such as ‘Ready For The World’. Pop these on, maybe think about your favourite Olympic moments and have a good old cry. In a good way.

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Night Panther – Fever

Well now, this is a lot of fun. Hailing from Pennsylvania this is the second single from the wonderfully named and, judging by this artwork,  fantastically dressed, Night Panther. They’re a duo who are causing quite the ripple online with their homemade genre, ‘sex pop’.

‘Fever’ is catchy and beautifully flamboyant, the falsetto vocals and sexy lyrics adding to the allure. Arousing.

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