Charo – Floating Free (Fort Romeau Remix)

With a handful of sparky releases, Wotnot Music are fast becoming a label with an excellent reputation for creating experimental electronic music. Their next release is from label co-owner Charo and is a sparse yet melodic little number that darts about with whimsical charm. Catch the video here. The Wotnot Music crew have commandeered London-based Fort Romeau to do the tweaking on this one and the result is a timeless summer hit. The remix works on many levels with shimmering synths underpinned by a crisp, thumping beat. Quite the casual strut. It’s got a classic house piano-waltz halfway through and it all builds to a sample-heavy and echo-laden climax. It also skilfully retains the appeal of the original tune, alluring and catchy vocals that float like a butterfly but hold back on the sting. This one’s feel good.

Keeping things close to home, label Co-owner JJ Mumbles provides the second remix on the EP. Well, the Espadrille Skank Remix, to be more precise. It’s got a slightly larger and funkier sound, and the vid’s technically a visual guide to throwing shapes. These two remixes, the original and a free accapella version of the song make for quite the little bundle of fun. More please.

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One thought on “Charo – Floating Free (Fort Romeau Remix)

  1. […] Fort Romeau has sure got the Midas touch. He tweaked Charo’s ‘Floating Free’ into a summer-classic and his controlled re-work of Frankie Rose’s ‘The Fall’ is still on […]

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