Goldroom – Pacific

We haven’t been to any of the events Swimming With Sharks host, but from what we have heard, they’re a real blast. Based both in LA and New York, they put on summer rooftop pool parties. As you do. Further to this they’ve been releasing compilations to soundtrack said parties (and to make those who can’t go jealous). Volume 2 has just been released and it’s full of laid-back, sun-kissed, disco-tinged vibes. Highlights come from Cosmic Kids and James Del Barco, but we were most pleasantly surprised to see yet more new material from Goldroom. Check out his addition to the series in the blissed-out ‘Pacific’.

The LA producer has been on our radar for some time – and his consistency is astonishing. The incredible ‘Fifteen’ has finally got an accompanying video (roadtrips, coastlines and sunshine is what we were thinking too). His Verano Mix is the ultimate lounge-about-in-the sun compilation and recent remix of Shelby Grey (posted below) shows he can up the tempo if necessary. One thing missing, for those of us in Blighty, is a UK tour. Let’s hope that changes soon.

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  1. […] His music may not be the most challenging or innovative, but it just sounds great, from his own productions to some glorious remixes. He hails from California, and you can tell. There is a sunny escapism […]

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