Bit Funk – It Ain’t Easy

If you’re feeling a little dazed after the weekend, and nonplussed at the prospect of another working week, Brooklyn-based producer Bit Funk has just the remedy. Last week we heard a nice remix of this tune, by JNL Cinemafunk – but the original, while less banging, is something of a masterpiece.

Smoother than silk and marrying gorgeous synths with a rather splendid nu-disco beat, it glides its way through three minutes of elegant sonic bliss, before jumping up a notch with the kind of guitar riff that makes you want to pack it all in, move to Ibiza, set up your own cocktail bar, and wear quite a lot more linen than is strictly necessary.

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One thought on “Bit Funk – It Ain’t Easy

  1. […] had our eyes on him since he penned one of our favourite summer hits of last year, the feel-good ‘It Ain’t Easy’. Now he’s back to smoother-than-silk form remixing Night Drive’s […]

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