Noosa – Walk On By

Noosa are New York duo Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko. Their debut single, ‘Fear of Love’ got a lot of people excited back in March, and their eponymous EP follows through (so to speak) on this promise. It’s almost too easy to describe their music as ‘dreamy pop’ but that’s what it is.

Half of the EP is melodic and quite upbeat – in the style of our two favourite Saints (honourable mentions to St Francis of Assisi, St George and St Nicholas). The other half is mellower and, if we have to draw further parallels (which we don’t), then the artist most called to mind by ‘Walk On By’ would actually be object of A$AP Rocky’s affection, Lana Del Rey. Pointless comparisons aside, this is a great piece of measured, emotional pop music.

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