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Jacques Greene – Ready

Oh Jacques, you keep ‘em coming. Following his pioneering RnB-flecked (haven’t said that in too long) house beats from 2010/2011, Montreal’s Mr. Greene has switched things up a bit for his new three-track EP, ‘Ready’, out a couple of weeks back on Martyn’s 3024 label.

The eponymous title track, premiered on Martyn’s Essential Mix earlier this year (worth a listen irrespective of this track; ‘deep dutch’ in a good way) is all a bit Burial in its darker, less vocal tone. Jacques keeps the texture that made his earlier work such compulsive listening, and this is again a tune best pumped out of speakers rather than headphones, but he’s dialled down the more frivolous, Azealia Banks side of things.

Blow away those Monday blues with this Olympic-sized stomper (note: Human Drizzle is in not in any way affiliated with the large sports event taking place in London at the moment; any reference is entirely coincidental. Litigation would be futile, given the state of the HD coffers.)

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Charo – Floating Free (Fort Romeau Remix)

With a handful of sparky releases, Wotnot Music are fast becoming a label with an excellent reputation for creating experimental electronic music. Their next release is from label co-owner Charo and is a sparse yet melodic little number that darts about with whimsical charm. Catch the video here. The Wotnot Music crew have commandeered London-based Fort Romeau to do the tweaking on this one and the result is a timeless summer hit. The remix works on many levels with shimmering synths underpinned by a crisp, thumping beat. Quite the casual strut. It’s got a classic house piano-waltz halfway through and it all builds to a sample-heavy and echo-laden climax. It also skilfully retains the appeal of the original tune, alluring and catchy vocals that float like a butterfly but hold back on the sting. This one’s feel good.

Keeping things close to home, label Co-owner JJ Mumbles provides the second remix on the EP. Well, the Espadrille Skank Remix, to be more precise. It’s got a slightly larger and funkier sound, and the vid’s technically a visual guide to throwing shapes. These two remixes, the original and a free accapella version of the song make for quite the little bundle of fun. More please.

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Goldroom – Pacific

We haven’t been to any of the events Swimming With Sharks host, but from what we have heard, they’re a real blast. Based both in LA and New York, they put on summer rooftop pool parties. As you do. Further to this they’ve been releasing compilations to soundtrack said parties (and to make those who can’t go jealous). Volume 2 has just been released and it’s full of laid-back, sun-kissed, disco-tinged vibes. Highlights come from Cosmic Kids and James Del Barco, but we were most pleasantly surprised to see yet more new material from Goldroom. Check out his addition to the series in the blissed-out ‘Pacific’.

The LA producer has been on our radar for some time – and his consistency is astonishing. The incredible ‘Fifteen’ has finally got an accompanying video (roadtrips, coastlines and sunshine is what we were thinking too). His Verano Mix is the ultimate lounge-about-in-the sun compilation and recent remix of Shelby Grey (posted below) shows he can up the tempo if necessary. One thing missing, for those of us in Blighty, is a UK tour. Let’s hope that changes soon.

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Porter Robinson – Language

Porter Robinson isn’t going to win any Ivor Novello Awards for this tune, and it isn’t brand spanking new either (unlike the typical Human Drizzle offering) – but we thought it might brighten up your day so we wanted you to hear it.

Now that we are very much in the thick of festival season, ‘Language’ is everywhere: and rightly so. It’s a back-to-basics big room house banger, and there is no better tune to hold your hands aloft to this summer.

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Bobby Womack – Love Is Gonna Lift You Up (Julio Bashmore Remix)

Fresh from his barnstorming set at Worldwide festival, not-even-up-and-coming-anymore Bristolian Julio Bashmore isn’t taking his eye off the ball and has released a very enjoyable remix of a new Bobby Womack track. Taken from Bobby’s new album‘Love Is Gonna Lift You Up’ expertly blends together Womack’s gravelly vocals with Bashmore’s signature stabbing beats and stand-out chord.

Julio’s got form in this area, as flagged up here, working with Javeon McCarthy on 2011’s superb ‘Father Father‘:

Not due for release anytime soon, ‘Love Is Gonna Lift You Up’ is just a taster for new projects from both of them. As for catching them live (separately, unfortunately), thankfully Bobby has now been given the all clear to tour so catch him in Kentish Town in November. Julio, amongst various foreign engagements, is on the bill for a truly special Warehouse Project in late September, someone’s had a good day at the office putting that line-up together…

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Bit Funk – It Ain’t Easy

If you’re feeling a little dazed after the weekend, and nonplussed at the prospect of another working week, Brooklyn-based producer Bit Funk has just the remedy. Last week we heard a nice remix of this tune, by JNL Cinemafunk – but the original, while less banging, is something of a masterpiece.

Smoother than silk and marrying gorgeous synths with a rather splendid nu-disco beat, it glides its way through three minutes of elegant sonic bliss, before jumping up a notch with the kind of guitar riff that makes you want to pack it all in, move to Ibiza, set up your own cocktail bar, and wear quite a lot more linen than is strictly necessary.

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Worldwide Festival Sete ’12

“You are at the best festival in the world right now!” So said Giles Peterson as the sun rose over the docks of Sete in the south of France on Sunday morning. Human Drizzle agreed wholeheartedly at the time and still does (particularly given the travails of Bloc Weekender).

Worldwide Festival’s Sete incarnation was a week of Peterson’s favourite music, expertly programmed across three stunning stages; the beach, the clifftop amphitheatre and the lighthouse. Yup. We leapt from Gregory Porter to IG Culture to Julio Bashmore (whose Au Seve deserves a mention as the song of the weekend. What. A. Tune.), all seamlessly weaved together and blasted out of Funktion-Ones.

Special credit too must go to Machinedrum and Koreless who, as well and giving it some love on twitter, smashed it out the park with their respective sessions. Koreless finished his final night set, as I will this post, with New Order’s Blue Monday. Good times.

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Peter & The Magician: Memory (NSFW Remix & Le Crayon Remix)

Everyone’s favourite superact Peter & The Magician have a new single out. For those of you who don’t know, one half of Peter & The Magician is the mighty Yuksek. Christened Pierre Alexandre Busson he’s the Peter half. Stephane Fassano plays the part of The Magician. The latter used to be one half of Aeroplane and has some incredible mixtapes to his name (24 by our reckoning…) and Yuksek…well, if you haven’t already, we suggest you give any of his records a spin – or, better still, see him live. What. A lot. Of fun.

The new Peter & The Magician single ‘Memory’ is as good as you’d expect; it’s a stirring piece of enchanting D.I.S.C.O. What’s really fantastic though is that they’re releasing this on a Remixes EP. Of the four on offer, here are our two favourites.

In the red corner, Dutch producer NSFW:

And in the blue corner, French House aficionado Le Crayon:

Both provide quite the punchy re-work but what do you think? Do you prefer the tropical vibes NFSW serves up or Le Crayon’s funkier version? Let us know on any number of social networking sites. For now, we’ll gladly take the (un)comfortable position of sitting on the fence and leave the decisions à vous (as Stephane and Alexandre might, would probably wouldn’t, say).

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Lauer – Highdimes

Phillip Lauer’s new EP is a real treat. Not only does ‘Tentatious’ feature two remixes of the title cut by Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault, it also boasts a laidback gem in hidden track ‘Boringtone’ and this beauty of a tune, ‘Highdimes’. It’s got some decent drive but is also peppered with funky carnival tones, providing a lovely recipe to kick off the week. Have a listen.

This is Lauer’s second release on the excellent Running Back label which, if you’re not familiar, specialises in brilliant disco-infected house music – having released records by Todd Terje, Tensnake and Mark E in the past. Following in their footsteps, Lauer’s forging his own path.

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Noosa – Walk On By

Noosa are New York duo Sky Barbarick and Matt Buszko. Their debut single, ‘Fear of Love’ got a lot of people excited back in March, and their eponymous EP follows through (so to speak) on this promise. It’s almost too easy to describe their music as ‘dreamy pop’ but that’s what it is.

Half of the EP is melodic and quite upbeat – in the style of our two favourite Saints (honourable mentions to St Francis of Assisi, St George and St Nicholas). The other half is mellower and, if we have to draw further parallels (which we don’t), then the artist most called to mind by ‘Walk On By’ would actually be object of A$AP Rocky’s affection, Lana Del Rey. Pointless comparisons aside, this is a great piece of measured, emotional pop music.

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