Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

There’s been a welcome influx of Australian artists creating polished and upbeat pop music of late. Electro pop from New Navy and Cloud Control akin to Cut Copy and Bag Raiders, more controlled cuts from Warpaint and obscene psychedelic rock from Tame Impala. Maybe it’s the water down under, but suddenly there’s a trend emerging and it’s becoming easier for artists to make a name for themselves, outside of their antipodean existence.

Next on the list is Anna Lunoe whose been fine-tuning her skills as singer-cum-DJ-cum-producer. 2012 sees her leaving the mixing behind and creating her own material. She has teamed up with fellow Sydney-ite…Sydney-un (?) Flume to create one of the most irresistibly joyful tunes of 2012. Lunoe’s vocals shine in verse and chorus and Flume adds a weighty bass line, creating an extremely uplifting piece of music. All sun-kissed and psychedelic, the video is a must-see too. Look out for the disguised synth, it’s amazing what shapes and sizes they come in nowadays (old man comment).

This track is part of an EP entitled ‘Real Talk’ by Anna Lunoe & Friends. Flume is acting comrade on this one and she’s got Michael Di Francesco from Van She helping out on title track ‘Real Talk’, a tune recently featured on The Magician’s Magic Tape 23. Yep, it’s a biggie.

Be sure to keep an eye on this girl’s movements in the future. For now, let this song make your day.


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One thought on “Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

  1. […] with Anna Lunoe, the Australian producer/DJ/radio host who graced these pages back in 2012 with ‘I Met You’, the pop gem she co-wrote with fellow Aussie Flume. ‘Feels Like’ however is a little more […]

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