Grimes – Genesis (Live On Later With Jools Holland)

Forgive us. As part of our upcoming ‘exciting piece of news’, we’ve been having a peek back at some old posts and realised to our horror that Canadian Clare Boucher, aka Grimes, has never been given the Human Drizzle once over. Anyone who’s heard her recent album ‘Visions’ has every right to be angry with us.

First single ‘Oblivion‘ won rave reviews for its decidedly odd but listenable ethereal pop. The video guides you through her music, showing the unique and beautiful Boucher (she once constructed a 20-foot houseboat, named the ‘Velvet Glove Cast In Iron,’ with the intention to sail it down the Mississippi River) interrupting recognisable scenes, summing up the dream pop with edges that she produces. In what might be a first for HD, we’ve gone with a live video to illustrate our point. Her one-song set on Jools Holland in April has rightly won her plaudits and speaks of great things to come.

We’d love to point you in the direction of her upcoming gigs but they all sold out too quickly for the likes of you/us. It’s festivals or bust, check out her website for details.

In other news, she’s recently designed a charming range of jewellery, perhaps not suitable for a family member or colleague…

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