Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

What with all the drizzle, it must be time for a proper kick-start to the summer – gently aided by the Scandinavian producer Todd Terje. Not only has the title track to his 2011 ‘Ragysh’ EP constantly been on our ‘recently played’, his 2012 EP is set to have a similar longevity.

Named after the analog synth he used to create it, ‘The Arps’ is an absolute delight. He trades in the heftiness of last year’s work for a more graceful dive into spaced-out disco music. And to great effect. ‘Swing Star Part 1‘ and ‘Swing Star Part 2‘ piggy-back a breezy synth waltz that’s backed up by equally polished drum and bass. ‘Myggsommer‘ may be a little too whacky for most, but the overriding tone is fun. The brilliantly-named ‘Inspector Norse’ is our fav, and although it’s been out for a while, it’s a nailed-on twenty-twelve summer hit.

What’s really exciting is that ‘Todd’, aka Terje Olsen, has been commandeered by Krankbrother to play an extended afternoon DJ set at their next event. Typically this will be on a terrace at an as-yet-undisclosed location, but he will be the main support to DJ T.

All early bird tickets have sold out, but there are still some on final release, so get them while you can; this will be a corker.

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One thought on “Todd Terje – Inspector Norse

  1. […] 2. Todd Terje – Inspector Norse: ‘Inspector Norse’ has been equally ubiquitous this year, and with good reason – with Terje’s cosmic squeaking and killer hook bouncing their way into the collective consciousness with joyous abandon. […]

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