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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, May 2012

Ta Da! Human Drizzle has a new home.

You can now group posts to your heart’s content, by category (video, audio, playlist, event) and by tags (atmospheric, summery, tuneful, etc.) And we think it looks nicer.

You can also share each post much more easily – and we ask that you do, helping us spread the good word of Human Drizzle to every dark corner of the earth.

So take a look around, familiarise yourself, relax. To mark the occasion we’ve put together an even-better-than-we-would-have-done May playlist. Welcome.


Adamski – I Like It (ATTAR! Remix)

You enjoyed the sun this weekend… It’s usually sunny in continental Europe… Therefore you’ll love this summery Euro-house banger!

Jerry Bouthier, A&R man for legendary Parisian electro label Kitsuné and DJ/Producer in his own right, has selflessly made the move across the channel to bring the best and brightest of the electro world to London via his digital label, Continental Records. Coming out on 28th May is the latest of these happy-go-lucky imports, a six-track EP from Adamski. We particularly like the remix of ‘I Like It’ by Brussels producer and Mustang member Renaud Deru, whose mum calls him ATTAR!.

See what you think and let us know which tunes kept you entertained this weekend (especially those heard best through a tinny iPod dock in the park). Stay tuned for Human Drizzle news later this week…

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Bo Saris – She’s On Fire (Maya Jane Coles remix)

Dutch soul singer Bo Saris released ‘She’s On Fire’ this week, and it’s gained a lot of traction – even prompting Winehouse comparisons (albeit by his agency). It’s a breezy, brass-driven soul track which calls to mind the recent output of Cee Lo Green, Plan B and Mark Ronson (but it’s good).

Better, however, is Maya Jane Coles’ remix. London-based producer Coles has been a favourite of ours for some time and she excels herself here – with her deep, subtle house vibes giving the tune a completely different feel. It’s taut and compelling, and has the kind of uncomfortable eeriness that Nicolas Jaar has been perfecting of late.

Good video, too.

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Baio – Sunburn Modern

It’s become a regular occurrence to hear of side projects from the busy bees that make up Vampire Weekend. We were huge fans of the electro pop that the brilliantly-named keyboardist Rostam Batmanglij created with kind-of-supergroup Discovery. Front man Ezra Koenig (again great work from the parents) has helped out many a musical pal. He has played saxophone for The Dirty Projectors, has apparently worked as an intern for The Walkmen, and provided vocals for The Very Best’s top hit ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’.

Now it’s time for bassist Chris Baio to step forward. Straying not too far away from some of the more West African-influenced tracks penned during his day job, ‘Baio’, as he’s calling himself, has brought out an EP that might just be the perfect ‘start of the summer’ listen. The highlight for us, ‘Sunburn Modern’, is unbelievably tropical. It’s got bongos, it’s got steel drums, it’s even got a little bit of xylophone. He’s injected the tune with a catchy looped vocal and it’s all centred around an infectious bassline.

The ‘Sunburn EP’ is out now on Greco-Roman, home to HD favs such as Joe Goddard and T.E.E.D. It’s a sun-kissed, Balearic gem – and you probably need it in your life.

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Rustie – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Something a little longer for you to plug into this fine Monday. Radio 1’s Essential Mix has been undergoing somewhat of a renaissance over the past couple of years, fuelled by a new generation of young producers and DJs pushing the Saturday night/Sunday morning institution past, in the most respectful way possible, the stalwarts of old.

The last two sum up why it is now compulsory listening for electronic music fans. The multi-talented and oft-hyped Nicolas Jaar has crafted a musical journey the weekend just gone, twisting together tunes from *NSYNC right through to Bill Calahan. This followed a joyous two hours from HD favourite Rustie. We’ve posted the Rustie one above as it’s right on the money with what we’re listening to right now, bringing the dulcet tones of Drake together with labelmate Hud Mo’s basslines and beats. It’ll pick you up.

Let us know if you think we plumped for the right one on twitter @humandrizzle. Either way, you get to hear Pete Tong doing his thing. The man LOVES dance music.

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Julio Bashmore – Au Seve

Julio Bashmore has got very big, and he is about to get bigger. Yesterday he launched his own label, Broadwalk Records – alongside this new single. ‘Au Seve’ is a typically smooth, atmospheric slice of bass heavy house music, and it is right up our alley. The Bristolian producer, who was given his own Radio 1 show earlier this year, announced the label and single with the following statement:

‘Fast cars, money, but no record label to truly call my own? This ends today…
Hi, I’m Julio Bashmore.
Somehow I have found time between jet-setting around the globe, becoming a voice for the people via my Radio One show and generally living the high life to bring you a brand new label, Broadwalk Records.
Today heralds a new era in the Julio Bashmore chronicles, with a sound that shall echo through the ages…’

We don’t really know what to say to that – but we recommend you watch this space and, in the meantime, give the single a spin. It’s very nice indeed.

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Blacksmif – Hoop Dreams

What a fantastic year it’s been thus far for Brighton based ‘Blah Blah Blah’. Not only have the ‘eclectic souls’ that make up the Blah Blah Blah DJs continued to serve up some of the best emerging talent in electronic music on their WeAreBlahBlahBlah blog, they frequently compile a mix series of cutting edge talent that’s always worth checking out, and further, they’ve built quite the reputation for putting on a serious hoedown at their club nights.

As if this weren’t enough, 2012 has seen them develop into a record label too and, judging by the previous releases they’ve had with PanLeft and Reid, they’re pretty proficient at that as well.

To coincide with their fifth birthday, Blah Blah Blah Records’ next release is double A-side ‘Hoop Dreams / Microweight’ from North London music-maker Blacksmif. Both tracks employ the kind of ‘wall of sound’ approach that is so characteristic of much good electronic music at the moment. Although ‘Microweight’ is the jazzier of the two, we’ve chosen to post ‘Hoop Dreams’. Have a listen and judge for yourself, we think it’s dreamy.

Not only have they got Blacksmif to do a special WeAreBlahBlahBlah mix, they had him supporting the fantastic Julio Bashmore for yet more birthday celebrations on the Saturday night just passed. Amazing.

Promising times ahead for both ‘Blah Blah Blah’ and Blacksmif. ‘Hoop Dreams / Microweight’ is out this Monday.

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d’Eon – Al-Qiyamah

Monday, you come so soon. To help you ease into the week, we suggest this nine minute journey from onetime Grimes collaborator (their joint effort – ‘Darkbloom’ – is worth a listen) and all round oddball, d’Eon.

Al-Qiyamah is the first single from his confusingly titled album ‘LP’ and it’s named after the 75th Sura of the Qur’an, which we’re told has to do with resurrection. Out on 5th June on Hippos in Tanks, the single bounces from glitch a la Oneohtrix Point Never to the kind of electro-pop of which Robyn would be proud. Somehow it works.

So (blasphemy alert) roll away the rock and emerge anew to nine minutes of dream-pop.

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Kimbra – Build Up (George FitzGerald Remix)

We appreciate that you may have had enough of this girl Kimbra. Without really being able to identify the name or face, her sultry vocals featured on one of the most over played pop songs of the last 6 months, that of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘. This is no bad thing BTW – we rate the tune a lot and it’s certainly refreshing not to have a previous X Idol – The Rivals contestant topping the charts.

Having released her debut album last year, the Melbourne popstress is now giving away a free EP containing remixes of a few of the tunes from it. Although this is fast becoming a generic attempt for labels to raise an artist’s profile, you know you’re in good hands when you’ve got UK bass enthusiast George Fitzgerald on board. He’s turned this track into a typically entrancing house tune that’s already been doing the rounds in many a DJ’s set. And rightly so, it’s brilliant.

Although currently on tour down under, Fitzgerald is going to embark on a summer of UK and European festivals so be sure to keep an eye out for his movements, he’s guaranteed to get your groove on.

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Grimes – Genesis (Live On Later With Jools Holland)

Forgive us. As part of our upcoming ‘exciting piece of news’, we’ve been having a peek back at some old posts and realised to our horror that Canadian Clare Boucher, aka Grimes, has never been given the Human Drizzle once over. Anyone who’s heard her recent album ‘Visions’ has every right to be angry with us.

First single ‘Oblivion‘ won rave reviews for its decidedly odd but listenable ethereal pop. The video guides you through her music, showing the unique and beautiful Boucher (she once constructed a 20-foot houseboat, named the ‘Velvet Glove Cast In Iron,’ with the intention to sail it down the Mississippi River) interrupting recognisable scenes, summing up the dream pop with edges that she produces. In what might be a first for HD, we’ve gone with a live video to illustrate our point. Her one-song set on Jools Holland in April has rightly won her plaudits and speaks of great things to come.

We’d love to point you in the direction of her upcoming gigs but they all sold out too quickly for the likes of you/us. It’s festivals or bust, check out her website for details.

In other news, she’s recently designed a charming range of jewellery, perhaps not suitable for a family member or colleague…

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