Spoek Mathambo – Control

Spoek Mathambo first hit our ears with his 2010 album (2011 for most people without links to the South African ‘township tech’ scene), Mshini Wam (translation: “bring me my machine”). Despite having extensively toured the Afro-futurist (we don’t make these names up, promise) masterpiece and taken part in a whole host of creative cross-overs, he’s found time to push the boundaries even further with his follow-up, Father Creeper.

‘Father Creeper’ is full of edgy electronica, placing Spoek in the same musical bracket as Shabazz Palaces and the like, but they’re atmospheric as opposed to unlistenable. Very much one to pay attention to, rather than background vibes, it’s out on 12/03 on Sub Pop. For the purposes of today however, have a listen of his version of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’. It gives you a flavour of his dark, Gothic stylings, with a wobbly bassline that hooks you in. The video, directed by photographer Pieter Hugo using mostly local kids, sets the scene perfectly.

As big fans of Joy Division, Human Drizzle were sceptical about this but we had no reason to worry, this classic was in safe hands…

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