Supreme Cuts – Silkk

Clicky, buzzy and hazy. All words one could use for Chicago two-man Supreme Cuts’ latest offering, Silkk. Probably in that order. At a healthy 6.48 the song moves through the gears at a steady pace, blending clipped percussion with pleasant enough vocal samples. It’s a small thing but the way the samples come closer and closer to the foreground really got us going here.

Whilst you’re here, have a listen to their remix of Main Attrackionz’s Perfect Skies. As big hip hop fans, Supreme Cuts are picking and choosing their remixes very nicely. Expect more of the same soon. They could do worse than check out Human Drizzle every now and then for ideas…

Supreme Cuts’ début album, Whispers In The Dark, is soon to be out on Dovecote Records. We’re hoping for more of the same.

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2 thoughts on “Supreme Cuts – Silkk

  1. […] debut (we hear he’s made up about it) but it’s not the first time we’ve featured Supreme Cuts – who rework the lovely original into something which is altogether more frenetic but still […]

  2. […] ahead of their numerous mixtapes, utilising the skills of “hot” producers like Harry Fraud and Supreme Cuts to good effect. The lead tune from the album, ‘Do it for the Bay ft. DaVinci’, now had a jazzy […]

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