Caves – Eleven Twenty

Ever since hearing the first few bars of this brand new EP, we’ve been itching to shed some light on Caves for you.

Rising straight out of 6BIT, a “progressive collective and record label showcasing the works of unique artists”, Caves is the one-man project of Luka Cage, a Los Angeles beat maker who has been on the Earth for just 18 years. He has just released a 4-track EP, the fantastically titled ‘When You Were Partying, I Was Dying’. It’s only his second piece of work, and it shows signs of great things to come.

The track we’ve featured here is the first on the EP and has a great retro feel that is polished with slick and upbeat production. It sounds contemporary but somehow has a timeless quality to it too. But what really impresses us is the diversity of the tracks we’ve heard.

You can check them out over at the label’s website, they’ve been generous enough to give away the whole record for free. We hope you’ll agree, they’re all catchy, innovative and show this guy’s got some serious raw talent.


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