Kindness – Gee Up

Back in 2009, Adam Bainbridge aka ‘Kindness’ released a rather whimsical cover version of The Replacements’ ‘Swinging Party’ – it’s taken him nearly three years to realise that the B-side to it, the aptly-named ‘Gee Up’, is a seriously groovy piece of music and could do with being their next single. Clocking in at just 1 minute and 47 seconds, it follows in the fancy footsteps of 2011 classic ‘Cyan’ and has got so much vibe we refuse to believe you won’t be tappin’ your toes to this one.

But the tune really spreads its wings in the video, it’s so much more than a music video. As they finish filming the staccato burst of a song, the video filters through to a very amusing behind-the-scenes sketch which manages to poke fun at exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. Shameless promotion. But the ace gags and impressive acting make this video an absolute joy.

They’re playing London’s XOYO on 21st March at an event curated by the Eat Your Own Ears crew, not one to miss. We just hope ‘Gee Up’ lasts a wee bit longer when they play it live so we can get a proper wriggle on.


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