Arrange – When We Saw

Ever since he released the pensive ‘Sun Showers’ late last year, HD have been keeping a keen eye on Floridian ambient pop aficionado Malcom Lacey, aka Arrange. This single springs from the critically-acclaimed and aptly-named EP, ‘Five Years With The Sun’ and is released on JUKBOXR Records. It teems with heavily-layered, angelic tones.

For his next release, the ‘New Memory’ EP, he’s decided to do things off his own back and self-release the work (and is consequently seeking donations so he can get his records pressed). The skeptic in you will no doubt deem this as darn right cheeky; your more charitable and sympathetic side (we prefer that side, to be quite honest) will see this as a good opportunity to support an artist doing something slightly different. The attractive part is that there are different levels of donation: the more you donate, the more he will give you.

Marketing techniques aside, here’s the video for one of the tracks, ‘When We Saw’. It’s a heart-warming account of a road trip Malcom and his partner took to their new home and is brilliantly understated and natural. It basks in emotion and this naturally is down to how beautiful the music is. Heavy atmospherics and delicate, piano meanderings are the perfect backdrop for his subtle and wise-old vocals.


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