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Human Drizzle: The Playlist, February 2012

Playlist time, it’s Friday, and you want to listen to some good music, come on in. We’ve got garage, house, hazy hip hop and some things in between.

We like to think this is a snapshot of the best tunes that burst out of the body music in February, did you agree? Hit us up on twitter with any suggestions of what you want to see more of. Want to see more reviews, or articles? Think the whole thing should be scrapped? Let us know (please don’t tell us it should be scrapped).

Enjoy Saturday and Sunday (aka ‘The Weekend’) and see you next week.


Caves – Eleven Twenty

Ever since hearing the first few bars of this brand new EP, we’ve been itching to shed some light on Caves for you.

Rising straight out of 6BIT, a “progressive collective and record label showcasing the works of unique artists”, Caves is the one-man project of Luka Cage, a Los Angeles beat maker who has been on the Earth for just 18 years. He has just released a 4-track EP, the fantastically titled ‘When You Were Partying, I Was Dying’. It’s only his second piece of work, and it shows signs of great things to come.

The track we’ve featured here is the first on the EP and has a great retro feel that is polished with slick and upbeat production. It sounds contemporary but somehow has a timeless quality to it too. But what really impresses us is the diversity of the tracks we’ve heard.

You can check them out over at the label’s website, they’ve been generous enough to give away the whole record for free. We hope you’ll agree, they’re all catchy, innovative and show this guy’s got some serious raw talent.


Javeon McCarthy – Lost Time

Bristol-born vocalist Javeon McCarthy has already appeared on some pretty big records, in collaboration with L-Vis 1990 and Julio Bashmore. Both are friends and label mates on PMR Records – who today release McCarthy’s own tune, ‘Lost Time’.

The track is produced by Craze & Hoax and is a heady mix of Balearic vibes, busy percussion and heavy bass. Most prominent of all though is McCarthy’s soulful vocal, which impresses with its versatility and sets up the tune’s cinematic mood.

Remixes by T. Williams and Eats Everything add a bit more oomph for the dancefloor, but we actually like the original best. What do you think? Why not let us know over on Twitter.

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Huxley – Let It Go

Wrap your ears around this stomper of a track from Huxley. Released on Hypercolour just last week, this is sure to be swirling around the airwaves for some time to come.

According to the myth and legend of Huxley strewn across the blogosphere, one of the label bosses Jamie Russell signed this release after he heard Huxley playing it to a few people out of an ice cream van at a festival. We can only pray this is true. Either way, it’s great stuff – soulful vocals accompany an unbelievably catchy journey into an instant house classic.

The artwork for the track is quite pleasant too.

If you’re at a loose end in London tonight, head on down to Corsica Studios to see him play with Artwork and Boddika to name a couple. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for more tour dates. Definitely one to watch this year.

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Flatbush Zombies – Thug Waffle

Human Drizzle share a passion with Flatbush Zombies…synth-laced hip-hop! But seriously, this Brooklyn three-piece (rappers Meechy Darko and Zombie Juice with producer Erick Arc Elliott) live and breathe their music. They live in the BK neighbourhood of Flatbush and their self-confessed aim is to get zombified…

The video for their hype-inducing single, ‘Thug Waffle’, gives some indication as to how they wish to go about this. Flashing their gold fronts and billowing smoke like it’s going out of fashion, the video is a suitable accompaniment to their 90’s-esque, stoned beats and flows. It raced to 100,000 hits with no label support and now they have all the major labels banging on their door, following in the footsteps of their recent gig-buddies (and HD veterans) ASAP Rocky.

We’ll leave the final word to Meechy: “Well, the way everyone is saying we’ve skyrocketed onto the radar, it’s like we were resurrected. Like we went through some hardships and were bought back in this form. We skyrocketed because we had this know how from our past lives. We’re Zombies.”


Scandalism – with Mylo, Lindstrom, Aeroplane, Brodinski, Theme Park, Cosmonauts & more @ Kings Cross Scala, Saturday 25th February

ScandalismOh my giddy aunt, this is one not to miss. The promotional material describes this night as, simply, ‘the biggest disco night London has ever seen’ – and quite frankly it’s hard to disagree.

Promoters Scandalism have assembled an extraordinary line-up of DJs, bringing together some of the best disco, house and techno music on the planet for one night in February. Held at the Scala in Kings Cross, the quality and quantity of the line-up is eye-watering; our only concern is how they’re going to fit it all in.

Excuse the superlatives, but it’s hard not to get excited by this bill. Mylo headlines, and he’ll be more-than-ably supported by nu-disco talisman Aeroplane – with more ecstatic, bouncy vibes coming from Norwegian house maestro Lindstrom and HD favourites, the mighty Cosmonauts. And if this all sounds a bit cheerful for your taste, there’s always the slightly darker and deeper techno house of Brodinski.

As though that’s not enough, Scandalism don Andy Peyton has pulled out all the stops with the supporting cast – which boasts Kiwi, Casino Times, The Boogie Cartel, Peace, Mighty Mouse and Theme Park.

There are about 200 tickets left. If you live within 200 miles of London, or even if you don’t, we suggest you get one. You won’t regret it.

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Kindness – Gee Up

Back in 2009, Adam Bainbridge aka ‘Kindness’ released a rather whimsical cover version of The Replacements’ ‘Swinging Party’ – it’s taken him nearly three years to realise that the B-side to it, the aptly-named ‘Gee Up’, is a seriously groovy piece of music and could do with being their next single. Clocking in at just 1 minute and 47 seconds, it follows in the fancy footsteps of 2011 classic ‘Cyan’ and has got so much vibe we refuse to believe you won’t be tappin’ your toes to this one.

But the tune really spreads its wings in the video, it’s so much more than a music video. As they finish filming the staccato burst of a song, the video filters through to a very amusing behind-the-scenes sketch which manages to poke fun at exactly what it is they are trying to achieve. Shameless promotion. But the ace gags and impressive acting make this video an absolute joy.

They’re playing London’s XOYO on 21st March at an event curated by the Eat Your Own Ears crew, not one to miss. We just hope ‘Gee Up’ lasts a wee bit longer when they play it live so we can get a proper wriggle on.


Jacques Greene – Arrow ft. Koreless

Slipped out quietly at the end of January was Jacques Greene’s latest EP, four tracks going by the name of ‘Concealer’. After a massive 2011, cramming in Radiohead collabs, Kelly Rowland remixes, and the dancefloor banger that was ‘Another Girl’, he’s now stepping things up a gear with his own label, Vase.

We’re used to seeing him put out on LuckyMe and Night Slugs but he’s decided to kick off his own imprint with the decidedly listenable EP. Old faves Ango and Koreless both feature on a selection of tracks that stretches out his previous work, some accentuating the RnB, some highlighting the slow-jams.

Vase, he tells us, will be releasing fashion too (he’s just signed two fellow Montrealise designers) so get a flavour of what’s to come by checking out his appearance in the vid for Azealia Banks’ 212.


Arrange – When We Saw

Ever since he released the pensive ‘Sun Showers’ late last year, HD have been keeping a keen eye on Floridian ambient pop aficionado Malcom Lacey, aka Arrange. This single springs from the critically-acclaimed and aptly-named EP, ‘Five Years With The Sun’ and is released on JUKBOXR Records. It teems with heavily-layered, angelic tones.

For his next release, the ‘New Memory’ EP, he’s decided to do things off his own back and self-release the work (and is consequently seeking donations so he can get his records pressed). The skeptic in you will no doubt deem this as darn right cheeky; your more charitable and sympathetic side (we prefer that side, to be quite honest) will see this as a good opportunity to support an artist doing something slightly different. The attractive part is that there are different levels of donation: the more you donate, the more he will give you.

Marketing techniques aside, here’s the video for one of the tracks, ‘When We Saw’. It’s a heart-warming account of a road trip Malcom and his partner took to their new home and is brilliantly understated and natural. It basks in emotion and this naturally is down to how beautiful the music is. Heavy atmospherics and delicate, piano meanderings are the perfect backdrop for his subtle and wise-old vocals.


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14th – Take Me There

Improbably, 14th take their name from the lyrics to OutKast’s 2003 track ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. On said track, Andre 3000 (where are you now, Andre?) purrs seductively that ‘every day the 14th’, a romantic sentiment which clearly inspired the Brighton duo.

However, their lineage is singularly British. While many artists recently have played with and referenced elements of 1990s garage, none have captured its essence as boldly as 14th have with their new single, ‘Take Me There’. There are few things more uplifting, in our humble opinion, than a big garage drop – and we are fairly smitten with the chiming chord progressions and shuffling snares which echo all around this tune. Add to the mix Tracy Duodo’s Winehouse-esque vocals, a sense of dark yearning, and a faintly disturbing video, and you’ve got a heady mix. Every day the 14th? Sounds OK to us.

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