Alpines and Maya Jane Coles – Why

South London night pop duo Alpines are currently embarking on a series of collaborations with on-the-rise UK producers and DJ’s, ostensibly to showcase new talent, but surely just to give us some aural pleasure. Their most recent, with 23 year old British/Japanese deep house talent Maya Jane Coles, is truly wondrous. Together they’ve reworked Carly Simon’s classic ‘Why’, moulding it into a flowing piece of electronica with singer Catherine Pockson’s vocals hovering above the fray.

We’re very excited about Alpines’ future efforts with Dark Sky and Craze + Hoax. In the meantime, give both their earlier releases, Night Drive and Cocoon, a listen. Accompanying artwork is also worth a gander and they’re unashamedly pretentious about their aesthetic. They sent one journalist some pictures of the star Nebula along with their demo, because, “it is the combination of the electric and the ethereal, which we love.”

You can also grab ticket to see them support Goldfrapp at St. John-at-Hackney church tonight (if you have £35 kicking around…), or if you like your religious gig venues with a NW postcode, see them at Reading dance-rockers Worship’s single launch at St. Pancras Church on the 1st December.

We’ve listened to this A LOT, and it only gets better each time. It’s nostalgic rewrites as they should be and it’s due out in early 2012.

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One thought on “Alpines and Maya Jane Coles – Why

  1. […] however, is Maya Jane Coles’ remix. London-based producer Coles has been a favourite of ours for some time and she excels herself here – with her deep, subtle house vibes giving the tune […]

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