The Maccabees – Pelican

Boy, have we been patiently waiting for The Maccabees to finish recording their third album. Shockingly, it’s been two and a half years since ‘Wall Of Arms’ was released and we were treated to the the bravado of ‘No Kind Words‘ and the grace of ‘Love You Better‘.

Before releasing their new album ‘Given To The Wild’ this January and embarking on what will most likely be a sell-out UK tour, we finally get to hear the first single ‘Pelican’ and, rest assured, it’s brilliant.

Some people don’t like The Maccabees. The reason for this dislike is also the key to their success, though: they have never really changed their sound. Yes, as they have grown in confidence they have adopted larger and tighter production – but they have remained faithful to what got them where they are now. Namely, brilliantly-crafted pop songs. It may not change the world but, as we’ve said before, good songwriting is good songwriting.

After a pulsating intro here, the evocative charm of Orlando Weeks’ vocal reminds us of what we’ve been missing. The tune boasts a verse as infectious as its chorus, and soon the band’s trademark melodic guitars and frenetic drums are right back where they belong: stuck in your head.

All in all, this makes for a very promising 2012 for the lads.

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