Brodinski @ Fabric, Friday 18th November

Calling this event ‘Brodinski @ Fabric’ undersells it drastically. That isn’t to say that we don’t love Brodinski, whose Fabriclive mix is launched at the event this evening. We do. It’s simply that this line-up is staggering.

From Jacques Lu Cont, who under various guises has produced some of the best, most anthemic dance music of recent times, to Tom Staar and Jaymo & Andy George, Room 2’s offering constitutes accessible dance music at its very best.

And with that side of things spectacularly well taken care of, whatever genius was behind this has also included the slightly more grown up sounds of Fabric favourite Stopmakingme, and the techno stylings of Gesaffelstein. The icing on this mouth-watering humdinger of a cake is Dillon Francis, whose lunatic moombahton has been stuck in our heads for some time now.

Yes, we know. It’s tonight. But tickets are available on the door and we strongly suggest that you cancel your plans for the next 2-3 days and do whatever is necessary to get down there. You won’t regret it.

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