Slow Magic – Sorry Safari (Giraffage Remix)

Since the release of his debut EP back in May, Giraffage (aka Charlie Yin) has been making quite a name for himself by creating impressively constructed, DIY electronic music.

And he’s now on the brink of releasing his first full length LP, the aptly-named ‘Comfort’, which is due out on November 17th. Based on early listenings, we think he is one to watch, producing some of the most densely-layered and beautiful music we’ve heard in a while.

‘Moments’, the standout track so far, is a bed of synths and looped vocals that will tug on all but the rustiest of heart strings, whilst ‘Polar Bear’ is a confident stroll through a dreamy landscape. Giraffage manages to meld a cacophony of disjointed sounds and make them wonderfully coherent.

Here he’s remixed Slow Magic’s ‘Sorry Safari’, and true to form it’s just under 3 minutes of sun-kissed sparkles and comforting beats. Sit back and enjoy.

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One thought on “Slow Magic – Sorry Safari (Giraffage Remix)

  1. […] been big fans of Giraffage ever since this Slow Magic remix prompted us to label him one to watch (as is our wont as music bloggers) in 20…. We had the pleasure of seeing him last year with xxyyxx at Birthdays, and ‘All That […]

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