Rustie – Hover Traps

Glaswegian producer Russell Whyte, aka Rustie, released his début long-player this month on Warp Records. ‘Glass Swords’ is a record that would have sounded extremely alien only a couple of years ago.

In 2011 it is still an idiosyncratic collection of songs – drawing on everything from 90s trance to video game soundtracks. However, like Hudson Mohawke (who hails from the same corner of these Isles), Rustie is able to take this curious melting pot of influences and create his own brand of warped euphoria.

On the addictive ‘Hover Traps’, he takes the stabbed chords so favoured by every Swede with a residency in Ibiza and a questionable taste in V-neck t-shirts – and decides to furnish them with a slap bass, a dubstep beat and all manner of squeaks, squelches and samples.

It’s bonkers.

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2 thoughts on “Rustie – Hover Traps

  1. […] the name of Metaphi. The sound is not entirely divorced from the otherworldly sonics emanating from Rustie and his Glaswegian comrades, but it is pretty striking […]

  2. […] loved most of what Rustie has had to offer over the past year or two, from the lunatic lushness of ‘Hover Traps’ to the bang-on Essential Mix he did last spring. ‘Slasherr’ is no exception: […]

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