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The Rapture – How Deep Is Your Love

After a five year hiatus, The Rapture have finally decided to return to their DFA roots and are on the brink of releasing their fourth studio album. If the new single ‘How Deep is Your Love?’ is anything to go by, the album’s going to be superb. The song is centred on an irresistible piano loop that evokes classic house music, and the mood is enhanced by various handclapping and percussive treats flirting in the background. Even Luke Jenner’s almost-out-of-tune yawping makes you want to move. The second the saxophone creeps in you realise the Brooklyn now-three-piece are in fine form. This tune is oozing with groove and makes the prospect of the imminent ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’ album an exciting prospect. Hopefully it’ll bring about echoes of their previous success.

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Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She’s A Whore

For those who may not be aware, Aeroplane has been releasing free monthly mixes for a couple of years now, and the last few have been excellent (March’s is a particular favourite).

One recent standout track from these mixes is ‘Obviously She’s A Whore’, by a Vietnamese/German duo who go by the curious and perhaps mildly racist moniker of Chopstick & Johnjon.

Despite being quite plaintive, it’s also a brilliant end-of-summer stomper. And as such is worthy of your attention.

As a side note, Chopstick & Johnjon have also released an EP entitled ‘Friday Night Lights’, which contains three tracks, called ‘Clear Eyes’, ‘Full Hearts’ and ‘Can’t Lose’. If you are a fan of the book, film and/or TV series from which this EP takes its name, you will think this is amazing. If you aren’t, you should be.

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Clean Bandit – Telephone Banking

In a musical climate full of spurious claims to uniqueness, let’s ignore the question of whether Clean Bandit are unique and instead focus on the fact that they are really very, very good.

The wait for new material has been painful since they released ‘Mozart’s House‘ – an addictive tune which boasts one of the most innovative (unique?) videos of last year.

The follow-up is finally here and, if anything, it’s better. Visually, ‘Telephone Banking’ is even more ambitious than ‘Mozart’s House’ – and it’s executed with the same ingenuity and panache. And the tune’s great, too.


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