Pional – It’s All Over (John Talabot’s Stormbreak Refix)

Quick one for you.

Ahead of the release (finally) of Pional’s mighty ‘It’s All Over’ on 4th August, Hivern Discs have lobbed out the John Talabot refix. Guess what? It’s great!

And here’s a rip of the original, because you’re/it’s worth it:

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Jamie T – Don’t You Find

Few days late to this but can we just add our voice to the chorus; welcome back old pal:

Trying for one moment to put aside our longstanding affection for Jamie T (you may even spot some of our number in the video for ‘If You Got The Money’, we think ‘Don’t You Find’ is different, but good different. In his own words, he was trying to “get power out of slow songs rather than using tempo to get aggression out” and it works. Pared down guitars and emotive strings offer a new backdrop to Jamie’s dulcet tones, a stark contrast to the early bellicosity of ‘Fire Fire’.

Released a couple of days ago, it will be followed by album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ on September 29th. Don’t know about you, but we’re excited. Very excited.

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Mayer Hawthorne – The Stars Are Ours (Detroit Swindle’s Big Dipper Mix)

Detroit Swindle are back remixing their pal Mayer Hawthorne again in this excellently-titled free download. There’s nothing totally original about it but the piano loop and funky percussion work is second to none. There’s a whole eight and a half minutes for this one to creep in, too. It’s the Dutch duo at their best.

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Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (Wayward Remix)

Wayward just keep ‘em coming.

Whether it’s the blissed-out balearic vibes on ‘Belize‘ or the soulful pop of ‘Love Jones‘ and ‘Marvin‘, they’ve consistently delivered and have fast become one of our fave production duos out there.

Now they’ve boldly taken on Basement Jaxx’s new single ‘Never Say Never’, injecting a whack of bounce to the original. They’ve focused on the catchy vocal and given it even more of a party feel – it’s absolutely the Monday morning pick-me-up we all need and only heightens our anticipation of their next single, due out very soon we hear.

Keep your ears peeled for that one, and if you’re at Global Gathering, Beacons or Bestival, do the right thing and find out where they’re playing.

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Aeroplane Remixes

If there was a  Human Drizzle hall of fame, Aeroplane would be a nailed-on inductee. His towering achievements in disco were the early building blocks upon which this great institution was built. Those monthly mixes…it was a simpler, more innocent time.

That said, it’s been a wee while since we wrote about the great Belgian. We think it’s time to rectify that.

When the sun is out in London like it is today, people tend to go for it bigtime (for those readers that don’t live in this currently sweltering metropolis, the place basically turns into one great big Bulmers advert), so good ol’ Vito has arrived with two summery bangers to get you through the last hours of the afternoon, until you can taste that first, crisp Disaronno on the rocks Aperol Spritz.

The Aeroplane remix of Riton‘s ‘Inside My Head’ wallops along nicely, with some gorge vocals from Meleka to get you going.

And then we’ve got Vito’s new remix of Charlie XCX‘s ‘Boom Clap’. Lovely nu-disco feel to this one; very Aeroplane.

He’s hitting the Euro festival scene pretty hard this summer, starting at Benicassim this weekend. He’s next in the UK at the Nest in London on 12 September.

There it is. Welcome back Aeroplane. Get out there and enjoy the sun.

Real Lies – North Circular

We’ve been meaning to write about Real Lies for a while and, given their blanket radio coverage these past few days, why not now eh?

New single ‘North Circular’ has pushed the Marathon Artists three-piece way out in front of the chasing pack. Inevitable comparisons with The Streets are justified given their dainty dancing down the line between lyrical pop and electronica but there’s more to them than being an homage to boss man Mike Skinner . We think there’s something for the Pet Shop Boys fan (*cough* us *cough*) in there too.

Essentially, more please.

They’ve also shown impeccable taste by having Pariah (one half of Karenn) remix their earlier release, ‘World Peace’. Again, worth a listen:

They’re playing a free gig next Thursday with Oscillate Wildly and others. Don’t come though, we want to get in no hassles.

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Hotlane – Whenever

This is a must for your summer playlists.

Released on Gomma Records on 18th July, ‘Whenever’ is a pop gem from the Berlin-based duo Hotlane. One half producer Jack Tennis and one half model Agnes Lindstrom, everything about Hotlane and their new single oozes cool. Her uber-sexy vocals, the feel-good guitar chords they’ve nabbed from The Spinners and the fact that it reeks of sunny climes.

Go buy it tomorrow!

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Gwilym Gold – Muscle (Beam Remix)

It’s hot outside (if you’re livin it up in the UK), everyone’s a little tetchy, maybe time to take a break from the pumpin’ house? Go on then, just for one post:

Gwilym Gold, last seen by HD thrashing around at The Macbeth fronting up The Golden Silvers, has sashayed his way through a White Cube residency with visual artist Eddie Peake and emerged out the other end with low-fi ballad, ‘Muscle’. The first release on Eddie’s new ‘Hymn’ label, it comes with the above remix by Beam. This enigmatic (i.e. no RA profile) producer has injected just the right amount of percussion and uplift to calm the most hot and bothered of listeners.

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Jonas Rathsman – Skepparkrans

First unveiled in his Boiler Room set last year, we’re finally treated to Jonas Rathsman’s ‘Skepparkrans’, or ‘Skipper Wreath’ for the non-Swedes amongst you.

This toe-tapping affair is all high-hats and looped vocals and serves to be the 41st release from French Express, it’s a real grower.

While we’re on it, fellow French Express templar Isaac Tichauer has recently dropped his July mixtape, may be worth a visit:



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TCTS – Games (Doc Daneeka Remix)

Crunching Deep House from Doc Daneeka.

The man from Wales has rejigged ‘Games’ from TCTS, and it’s a doozey. The usual ingredients of hammering bass and piano loop are there, with K Stewart’s vocals chopped over the top. It’s not that we don’t like the original – we do, honest – but we’re impressed with the urgency of this one. Compare the two…judge for yourself…

And here’s a further little reminder of the Doc’s talents…

‘Games’ is out on MTA Records on 10 August.


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