The Warehouse Project – Edible featuring Eats Everything, Laurent Garnier, Midland

Last weekend, Human Drizzle took a trip to a rain swept Manchester to experience the 2014 edition of the world famous Warehouse Project.

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This year The Warehouse Project returned to it’s ‘spiritual home’ of Store Street for the first time since 2011. Ostensibly a series of arches that made up an old air raid shelter underneath Manchester Piccadilly train station, this is a venue that the promoters know well, and it shows in the organisation of the night.

One minor complaint about The WhP is the insistence that you have to be in the club by 10:30pm at the absolute latest. Whether or not this is to increase bar sales, or it’s to catch out those people with poor time management skills in an attempt to reduce numbers inside is unclear, but it feels like an overly authoritarian move.

However, this is the only real complaint we could have about the organisation. The sound in both rooms is crisp, the venue isn’t too full (as it was at the Victoria Warehouse when we last came in 2012) and it’s easy enough to move around, get a drink and find a seat in the whatever-people-are-calling-the-chill-out-area-nowadays room. Most importantly, we were able to do our thang on the floor without having our style cramped by anything other than our own diminishing manoeuvrability.

Onto the music. We arrived to Drop The Mustard laying down Sasha’s massive remix of London Grammar ‘Hey Now’, a slightly lighter than expected start to a night that featured Subb-an, Paul Woolford, Catz N’ Dogz, Midland and Laurent Garnier, all of whom were lead by the ever enthusiastic Eats Everything.

As the doors shut behind us, Catz N’ Dogz took over in the main room. We took the opportunity to go and check out the excellent Marquis Hawkes in Room 2 (you could do far worse than spending an hour listening to his mix for WhP…)

Soon, the man the punters came to see took to the decks in Room 1 – Eats Everything displaying his usual carefree abandon and willingness to interact with the crowd.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 19.51.56

It wasn’t long before he was delighting a now fully charged up dance floor by hammering into 90s classic B.B.E ‘Seven Days And One Week’.

It was a shame that Laurent Garnier and Midland played at the same time, such fans are we of both of their abilities. Laurent Garnier’s Essential Mix from earlier this year is top – a full 20 years after his first session for Radio1?! – whilst regular readers of HD will know how highly we talk of Midland.

Midland rounded off what was a brilliant night by calling on one of the big tracks of the Ibizan summer; the ‘Re-Plant’ of ‘Never Grow Old’ by Floorplan which rocked the White Isle throughout 2014.

By that point, HD was well past it’s bedtime and we collected ourselves and headed out, ears ringing, into the North Western night.

It’ll be interesting to see where The Warehouse Project goes next. They’ll be celebrating their 10th birthday next year – not a party that you want to overlook in a hurry – and you hope that they are given the support they deserve to properly laud what has become a Mancunian, if not national, clubbing institution.

Few Nolder – Moli EP

Lithuanian Few Nolder is back with a brand spanking new release on the excellent Connaisseur Recordings. This is the ‘Moli’ EP.

It comprises three tracks – ‘Twin’, ‘Sonar’ and ‘Moli’ – that have a noticeable connection running through them. ‘Twin’ is the most dancefloor-friendly, with a steady build up that doesn’t simply reduce the track to a ‘club banger’.

‘Sonar’ is a darker, deeper sound, and ‘Moli’ is the most complex track on the release, both subtle and beautiful.

Few Nolder continues to impress then, and we look forward to getting our hands on this one in December.

It’s also worth mentioning that one of our most eagerly awaited tracks of 2014 is due to be released on Connaisseur at some point soon. ‘Elido’ by Sam K cropped up over the summer, yet was seemingly impossible to get hold of. Great news that we’ll be able to grab this one finally. Here’s a little taste…

“I will build you a castle with a tower so high…”

Bonobo – Flashlight

Great news everyone.  After two years of solid touring with his incredible LP ‘North Border’, Bonobo is back in the studio doing his thing.  ‘Flashlight’ gives you a bit of extra bounce in your step, with a lush selection of warm guitars and airy synths, backed up by garage-infused drum rhythms.  No one does ‘instrumental’ quite like Simon Green, and this track is just as compelling as classics such as ‘Cirrus’ and ‘Les Labas’.  Check it out

Green returns to long-time label mates Ninja Tune for the EP, due out on December 1st.  Put it in your diaries.

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Klaves – Oh No

Fidgety little number from Polish producer Klaves, serving as the B-side to the infectious ‘People’. Both form the inaugural release from Beat Club, a new sub-label within PMR Records described by Acton’s finest as a ‘playground for new young talent’.

Sounds good to us. You can get this one here.


Jessie Ware – 12 (feat. Robin Hannibal)

Fresh off of the release of her new album ‘Tough Love’, we’re spoilt for choice for new Jessie Ware material.  The real ear-catcher, though, didn’t even make the final cut for the album. ‘12’ is a blissed-out slow jam featuring Robin Hannibal of Rhye and it’s exactly what you’d expect.  Delicate vocals float over a tippy-toe beat to provide a laid-back aural delight, perfect for when you’re all partied out.  It’s also a free download for a limited period, cop it here:

In the description, the instructions are to ‘play it late and go kiss someone’.  We know it’s only 4pm on a Tuesday afternoon, but maybe ask around the office?

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Deejay Deer – Natur

Come on out pal, it’s safe out here:

Numbers new man Deejay Deer is said to be “hiding in the woods to protect himself from all the fake producers in the city” but we reckon he’d hold his own out here. This is a surprisingly competent debut EP for this “Bavarian” beatmaker and the ruminant mammal theme makes us think this could be yet another alias for your boy Caribou. There’s certainly a strong streak of Caribou’s percussive, melodic soundscapes over the two tracks.

Does it matter? No. Natur is a an excellent EP and it’s out NOW.

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Majestic & Jungle 70 – Creeping In The Dark (Armand Van Helden Remix)

Armand Van Helden has stepped away from Duck Sauce to fly solo again. His latest work sees him giving Majestic and Jungle 70’s ‘Creeping In The Dark’ the once over, to swaggeringly great effect. He’s sped up the pace of the grimey tune and flooded it with a load of synths and beats.

Fix up, look sharp. This one’s raucous.

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Metronomy – I’m Aquarius (Claptone Remix)

Something nice and light for you this Friday morning.

German deep house mainstay Claptone has waltzed his way through an accessible remix of ‘Aquarius’ by horizontal Brit strummers Metronomy.

We felt that this would be a nice way to ease you into the weekend – we know, we know…erroneous: the weekend starts on Thursday night – and what it lacks in edge, it more than makes up for in groove.

Human Drizzle: The Playlist, October 2014

We’re already steaming through October so it’s high time we got our monthly playlist up and running. As the festival season’s well out the way, the output of new music has come through thick and fast.

The last few weeks has seen Dauwd return to Kompakt Records, Breach teaming up with Kelis, Chris Malinchak teaming up with MNEK and PMR Records launch Beat Club, a new sub-label they describe as a ‘playground for new young talent’.

We’ve squeezed in two tracks from newbies Sylas and we’ve even whacked in Bicep’s recent Essential Mix at the very end. Just cos it’s that good.

Enjoy, people.


Bicep – Essential Mix

Flexing their muscles again, Essential Mix called up Bicep a couple of weeks back and it’s just hit Soundcloud:

They’ve called it ‘club-focused’ and that serves nicely as an umbrella for their wide-ranging selections. Get stuck in.

And oh boy are we in for a treat this weekend:

Carl Cox

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